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 What is a...

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PostSubject: What is a...   Mon Jan 21, 2008 1:26 am

a collab is an organization of pivot animations between a number of people
also, the collab may specify a certain subject
collabs may contain...
  • Flashers - the ones who combine all of the animations & host them somewhere

  • Animators - the ones who animate (duh, lol)

Pivot War?
a pivot war is when 2 or more animators agree to make animations
then when their animations are finished, they post them in a thread with a poll (so they can get votes)
the people then vote on who's animation they like more & the animator with the most votes wins

Pivot War animations may include...
  • sig stks.

  • sig names

  • etc.

Joint? (not drug)
a joint is when 2 or more animators agree to make an animation
1 animator starts off an animations, sends it to the next animator (through email or link), the next animator continues it & either sends it to the next animator or send it back to the 1st animator

(NOTE: collabs, pivot wars, & joints may have rank requirements)
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What is a...
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